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At It Is Finished, we are your provider of quality, brand-name Vinyl Flooring for less. We make it easy to find the right Vinyl Flooring to meet your needs at our store in Lutz, Florida. Whether you are flooring a single room or your entire home, we have the products, selection, and help you need to make a smart investment. As part of our services, we offer free Vinyl Flooring flooring estimates and also free flooring measures.

Vinyl Flooring TYPES WE OFFER

Water RESISTANT Vinyl Flooring Tampa & Lutz, FL

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Your Affordable Flooring Option

When we say “vinyl flooring,” many of our clients remember the wide sheets of cheap vinyl flooring that were popular in days past. We’re glad to tell you those days are over. Today’s vinyl has come a long way. Modern manufacturers make a broad range of vinyl flooring products that provide you with stylish, attractive looks and the water resistance and durability of vinyl. You’ll see a great selection of affordable vinyl flooring options when you visit one of the showrooms of It Is Finished. For a FREE consultation and estimate, call us at 813-515-7505 (Lutz) 

Great Options in Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is one of the most popular flooring products on the market. It’s available with the look of real stone or wood, and it’s ideal for use in rooms where spills are common. Kitchen, Bathrooms, entries & Porches.You can get vinyl that glues down, and many of the luxury vinyl tiles and planks are designed to click together easily. Plus, our professional crew can install it.

HIGH QUALITY SPC (RIGIDCORE) VINYL FLOORING WITH A 20MIL WEAR LAYER PAD ATTACHED 7″X54″ VINYL PLANK INSTALLED FOR $7.49 SQFT  WATER RESISTANT Optimal for wet areas, such as basements and bathrooms. Waterproof to withstand spills and pet accidents. GUARANTEE Core Construction prevents cupping and gaping due to temperature and moisture changes. EASY TO CLEAN! has enhanced stain & soil protection ensuring easy cleanup for everyday accidents. ALL PET PROTECTION Covers all pets, all accidents, all the time, with scratch protection.

It Is Finished Now Flooring - Large tub on Vinyl Floor

Ideal for Homes With Pools, Pets, or Beaches

Waterproof flooring is one of the most amazing products on the market. It goes beyond mere water resistance and provides you with a genuinely waterproof surface that’s perfect for any room that is likely to see drips, spills, or puddles.
Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundry rooms, Playrooms, Entry rooms, Mud porches
It’s easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about water damage or stains from beverages and most liquids.

Water Resistant Options for Most Types of Flooring

In our showrooms, you’ll find a wide variety of 100% waterproof flooring options in all the popular styles.
* WPC — Wood Plastic Composite vinyl flooring
* LVT — Luxury Vinyl Tile
* Rigid core flooring
If you prefer a carpet, we offer a waterproof pad that goes beneath your carpet and prevents liquids from seeping through the carpet and into the sub-floor. It’s perfect for homes with pets because it prevents urine from reaching the sub-floor where it can’t be cleaned and treated.
Professional installation is available for everything we sell.

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