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Yorktown ESPC is designed for use in commercial and residential applications. The Yorktown ESPC collection features a natural wood look. Its rugged construction, including a 6 mil wear layer topped with UV cured ceramic finish permits maximum durability ensuring long lasting beauty without the use of a floor finish. The composition ensures a 100% Virgin PVC and Phthalates Free with SPC Core. With excellent resistance to abrasion, chipping, cracking, and permanent indentations for heavy-duty performance requirements and to help conceal most substrate irregularities. Yorktown ESPC is the perfect choice for basements, homes, office buildings, banks, healthcare and condominiums, or wherever both function and high design are essential. The surface includes a micro bevel embossed surface to enhance the unique texture of wood, while adding slip resistance qualities to the plank. Precision cutting allows for easy 2G Click installation with tight seams.