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Flooring Trends in 2022

2022 Flooring Trends That Are Expected to Stick Around for Years Flooring is the foundation of every room. And while other interior finishes have shorter trends, due to their ease to change out or mix and match, flooring trends tend to stick around much longer. For example, the clean and minimal styles that are actually […]

Choosing Carpet: The Short List

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You’ve decided on carpet for your home. Great, now what? With so many options available for carpeting, it can be difficult to determine which is best for you and your home. We’ve compiled a short list of facts to help you along the way. The Process Carpet is manufactured in these two common methods: Tufted […]

Wall-to-Wall Carpet Puts You on Safer Ground

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The floor is lava! Okay, not really, but in some cases and for those of us “less than stable” on our feet, it can sure seem like it. Uneven flooring, such as transitions from wood or vinyl to area rugs, can be highly dangerous for folks who may need assistance or are less than agile […]

Carpet: The Soundproofing Solution You Need

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There are very few sounds that warm the heart like the pitter patter of sweet baby feet ambling across the room, arms outstretched, and a delightful squeal of greeting. Multiply that sound by adding multiple toddlers and a hard flooring surface such as wood or vinyl and it can also be the source of discomfort […]

Choose Carpet to Add Beauty and Style

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Tired of that drab living room? Hesitant to invite friends and family over? Maybe a simple change to your floors will help. Adding carpet or updating your old carpet can bring a whole new perspective to your living space. If you haven’t replaced your carpet in 10 years or more, it’s likely that your carpet […]

Amazing Benefits of Carpet Flooring You Never Knew

When you have kids at your home who are just starting to crawl, you need to give them a cleaner and softer place so that they don’t get hurt while moving around the house. Most of the time, mothers use fabrics or carpets near the bed and make sure that kids remain limited to the carpet area. This thing makes kids disturbed and they don’t learn confidently to move around.